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Cloud Storage

NBS is Proud to Offer Ctera Systems for Cloud Storage and Data Protection

CTERA's cloud storage gateways are hybrid appliances that seamlessly combine local storage, cloud storage, data protection functionality and collaboration capabilities in a single, cost-effective package. Ideal for SMBs as well as enterprise branches and remote offices, CTERA's appliances can replace legacy file servers and tape backup in a single solution with significant cost savings.

The appliances feature a full set of Network Attached Storage (NAS) capabilities and comprehensive backup functionality, utilizing on-premises storage capabilities for speed and local sharing, while taking advantage of cloud storage for off-site backup, universal access, file sharing, and folder synchronization.

Comprehensive Data Protection

With the included CTERA backup software and managed agents, the CTERA cloud storage gateways provide a highly cost-effective and comprehensive solution for server, desktop and laptop backup. CTERA cloud storage gateways enable selective replication of data to the cloud providing full control over cloud storage use and costs, while making it possible to access files, share them and restore them directly from the cloud.
Centralized Management

CTERA cloud storage gateways can be managed remotely via CTERA Portal. Template-based management and remote firmware upgrades make it possible to manage numerous appliances while maintaining minimal on-site IT and reducing total cost of ownership.
Robust Network Attached Storage (NAS) Capabilities

CTERA appliances provide a rich set of storage capabilities with enterprise-level security and management features: RAID for redundancy in case of disk failure (available on the C200, C400 and C800), CIFS, NFS and AFP (Apple Filing Protocol) for network file sharing and folder synchronization, user quotas and role-based user management, thin-provisioned snapshots with Next3 Active Directory integration Web access using DDNS and WebDAV (via CTERA Portal).
Diverse Architecture

CTERA's platform is a highly scalable, comprehensive, secure and interoperable system. It supports multiple storage back-ends, and provides a full set of built-in applications to support multiple use-cases. Its hybrid delivery architecture delivers an optimized user experience for both office-based and mobile users.
Cloud Storage

Cloud Storage as Crisis Aversion

Cloud storage can save your business. Disasters happen, devices get misplaced and you never know when you'll need access to your files on the go. Whether a spill fries your machine, your mobile device gets lost or stolen or you need instant access to your documents, cloud storage places all of your data at your fingertips.

Cloud storage serves several purposes. It can act as a Web-based external hard drive without the clunky hardware; a data backup source for disaster recovery; a file-sharing platform to collaborate with or send supersize files to clients and colleagues; and a productivity tool for anytime, anywhere access to your files from any device. Cloud storage solutions can spare you many headaches while also helping you become more efficient in handling and accessing your files.

Ctera Cloud Features for Cloud Storage and and Data Protection

  • Optimized incremental cloud backup with data compression
  • Block-level global de-duplication
  • Previous file versions with nested snapshot retention
  • Automated scheduled backup
  • Folder and attribute-based backup sets
  • Restore methods: Windows Previous Versions, appliance Web interface, and via CTERA Portal file manager
  • Read/write cloud file manager
  • Offline seeding option for assisted initial backup
  • Secure Web-based direct access to backups from anywhere
  • Project-based and time-limited invitation-based cloud file sharing
  • 256-bit AES encryption of all backups, with SHA-1 fingerprinting and user-specific secret passphrase
  • Data transfer over 128-bit SSL