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NCR CounterPoint (formerly CPSQL) includes complete integrated point-of-sale, inventory management, customer loyalty, automated purchasing and Management reporting for Retailers, Wholesalers & Distributors. One location, multiple locations, warehousing NCR CounterPoint includes latest industry solutions.

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With prices starting at $2,995 no wonder NCR CounterPoint is an industry leader.

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NCR CounterPoint is designed for Retail, Wholesale and Distribution. Single user or 100 users, same Enterprise Level CounterPoint software, backed by NCR trained & Certified Professionals. Since 1981, NBS Systems and Consulting Group has been serving Customers Nationwide: Sales, Service, Support

"After implementing NCR CounterPoint we reduced inventory 20%, controlled our purchasing and exceeded Customers expectations."

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Thousands of Customers rely on NCR CounterPoint to track their inventory, manage their vendors, and sell their goods in store and online.
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NCR CounterPoint POS and Mobile Solutions

Point of Sales Terminal

NCR CounterPoint Business Accounting includes integrated: POS, Inventory management,Gift cards,Frequent shopper, automated purchasing and... integration to Quickbooks. All with customizable Management Reporting tools.

NBS Systems offers Mobile Point of Sale!

NBS Systems offers fully integrated Windows® tablets that are powerful enough to run NCR CounterPoint software independantly or through remote access! Run your business from the sales floor or anywhere as you help customers find products and ring up sales right on the spot. Rugged mobility(Coded Up to IP67) also allows you to sell your products wherever your customers are gathering: events, sidewalk sales, garden and landscaping lots, and trade shows.
NCR CounterPoint and EMV Chip Credit Card Technology
NCR CounterPoint is fully EMV Chip capable and conforms to all current PCI Compliance regulations. Now you can rest assured that all of your credit card transactions are being processed with the current security protocols necessary to protect your business and your customer's identity and finances.
NCR CounterPoint Customer Alerts
Text or email alerts allow you to keep track of activities in your store at all times. Be instantly alerted to potentially fraudulent situations, store operations, and see daily sales figures. Now you can be all places at once.
NCR CounterPoint OnLine eCommerce
Seamless integration with your retail management system means less administration. Online quantities and prices are always up-to-date, and online orders show up automatically in your point of sale.
NCR CounterPoint Trusted Credit card Processing:
Integrated credit card processing with NCR payment gateway and preferred payment processor gives you a seamless experience with heightened security and transparent pricing. ...Or you can continue with your current processor
NCR CounterPoint eMail Marketing
Connect with your customers using integrated email marketing. Automate campaign creation and list segmentation with our built-in email tool.
NCR CounterPoint Training Guides
New to CounterPoint or need more thorough knowledge? Download NCR CounterPoint Training Guides that will walk you through the main components of the Point of Sale software!
NBS and NCR Support Documents
NBS has made available on our website documents that can help you get started with a new NCR CounterPoint system or a Help Desk support contract with us here: NBS and NCR Documentation Page.

NBS Systems Offers Unique Solutions:

NBS Systems IT Consulting offers a full range of services and Mobile solutions for businesses such as:

NBS Systems can find the right solution for your business.

Customers are Saying

“The touchscreen interface is extremely user-friendly. It only takes me 20 minutes to train new employees. This is especially important during the summer when we are hiring seasonal employees and need to bring them up to speed quickly.”

Shelley Peterson, Retail Operations and Guest Services Supervisor Corning Museum of Glass

“NCR tied our back office into our POS system, which meant no more punching numbers twice or making errors. In addition, our accounting has been streamlined. It's so much easier to capture customer information, close out the day and reconcile accounts.”

Karen Thacker, VP of Operations Altum’s Lawn and Garden Centers

“I did a year’s worth of research to find a wine and liquor POS system that would be compatible with our business. Wineries are complicated to run, because of all the regulations we’re bound by. And Messina Hof runs a very multi-faceted operation, with a resort, festivals, and events.

Only NCR was able to tie it all together.”

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